SIB Innovation HUB

Aware of the financial tech revolution, SIB Guatemala presents the “SIB Innovation HuB”, a meeting point where the institution and the FinTech Community can share knowledge regarding the most innovative FinTech trends and models, as well as the current regulatory framework.


To analyze the local FinTech environment and its developing trends, as well as to identify any related risks that might impact financial system.

Specific Objectives
  • To serve as a meeting point between the SIB and the Fintech developers and users.
  • To take a closer look at the Fintech scene in Guatemala to identify any risks related to the disruptive financial technology models.
  • To perform a FinTech diagnose related with the financial system.
  • To provide capacity-building regarding the local financial legal framework, including AML/CFT, to benefit the FinTech Community.

Preliminary Criteria

The application questionnaire will be analyzed through several preliminary eligibility criteria, which will allow us to identify those innovations that are priorities and are aligned with SIB Innovation HUB’s specific objectives.



Objetive of the criteria

To know the advantages that the innovation offers to the client as well as to the supervised financial system.

Key question

Is the idea a disruptive innovation or is significantly different?


Objetive of the criteria

To identify the scope of the innovation.

Key question

Does the innovative financial product or service have the potential to promote financial inclusion


Objetive of the criteria

The financial innovation and its technology are more than just an idea.

Key question

Up to day, in which phase is your innovation idea?

Does the business model have a target group and general implementation plans?

Need of legal

Objetive of the criteria

To understand if the business model needs information related with the current legal framework.

Key question

Do you know the current legal framework that applies to your innovation?


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Liability Disclaimer

The opinions and perspectives stated during meetings held at SIB Innovation HUB cannot be considered as an approval or acceptance of the innovation idea.

It is the sole responsibility of the business owners, founders or legal representatives of the participating companies, to fulfill the legal application requirements and to manage the related risks that may apply to the business model.

SIB Guatemala reserves the right to modify at any moment, the opinion, criteria or perspectives stated at SIB Innovation Hub in the following cases: (i) the reception of further information or additional material, and (ii) any reform that the current law and its rules may suffer.


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